Full-tooth driven free hub; increased power transfer and reduced pick up time. Through 100% precision machining and quality control together with the use of special materials to replace the traditional spring system it ensures ZERO power is lost. The best of ‘drive-tooth’ free hub, the very of the best ZERO.
Ceramic BearingCeramic bearing
Si3N4 ceramic bearings decrease weight by 40% in comparison to regular steel bearing and increase heat resistance by up to six times that of a steel bearing, delivering a faster and more durable wheel.
Designed utilizing a special resin and brake pad design to ensure each rim is resistant to increased temperatures (high heat resistance resin with special MEIYO carbon tech to increases heat resistance up to 255 degrees).
Flow TechFlow Tech
Our wheels are designed incorporating the latest aerodynamic technology to effectively reduce the wind drag coefficient. We recommend using a 25mm tyre to ensure optimum performance with our wheels, as tested and approved in many UCI professional races worldwide.
Performance Brake EdgePerformance Brake Edge
Our exclusive weaving and lay up creates an excellent ‘heat release function’, this not only makes the process of production more stable, but also increases braking performance by 12% compared to a traditional UD braking surface.
Floating SystemFloating System
Unlike traditional coil springs which due to uneven stress cause damage to the paws, our new floating independent spring ensures a balance of stress to increase the products durability.
MEIYO wheels are both clincher and tubeless ready. A tubeless compatible wheel works in tandem with a tubeless tyre which is specially treated to create a perfect seal capable of withstanding pressures of up to 110-120psi on a road bike. Tubeless tyres feature a tougher bead to provide an immediate sealing with the rim ensuring the perfect fit.
Libra MethodLibra Method
The force on the drive side of the rear wheel is greater than that on the non-drive side and so our wheels are built and tensioned accordingly to ensure a truly balanced wheel using a spoke ratio of 2:1, with the drive side spokes intertwined to improve the endurance of the wheel.