The new “Right”, full-tooth drive ratchet system. Patented one-piece single spring design. Less weight, more even force and more durable for new ratchet system. By special steel and processing machine to reach quality inspection. No power lost in transmission, the new “Right” ratchet system design with no compromise.



ZERO Ratchet driven free hub; increased power transfer and reduced engage time. Through 100% precision machining and quality control together with the use of special materials to replace the traditional spring system it ensures ZERO power is lost. The best of "drive-tooth" free hub, the very of the best ZERO.


The new ZERO+ system, through double ratchet structure, further strengthens the ratchet operation to be faster and more evenly stressed. Under the part improvement and operation mode of the new ZERO+ system, the life of the parts can be extended and the noise can be reduced.

Flow Tech

Our wheels are designed incorporating the latest aerodynamic technology to effectively reduce the wind drag coefficient.

First, the aerodynamic rim is adopted. No matter 25mm width with rim brake or 28mm with disc brake, it is matched with the corresponding 700C*25C or 700C*28C tires, which can effectively reduce the drag coefficient in most competitions. It has become a necessary wheel set for cyclists.

Using aerodynamic “Pillar Wing spokes”, not just another lightweight flat spoke on the market (The WING is more than just another lightweight, bladed spoke). In aerodynamics tests, Wing provides better Mechanical advantage.


In addition, Wing is based on Swedish stainless steel T302+ (Swedish Stainless Steel T302+), and its integrated double tubbed design reduces weak points and helps prevent distortion or breakage under high tension (Its one-piece, butted design reduces potential weak spots, while its rigidity helps prevent twisting or breakage when tensioning).The product has a better long-term competition effect, and it approved by many UCI teams and races.


Libra Method

The force on the drive side of the rear rim brake wheel is greater than that on the non-drive side and so our wheels are built and tensioned accordingly to ensure a truly balanced wheel using a spoke ratio of 2:1, with the drive side spokes intertwined to improve the endurance of the wheel.


Product Tests

Straight out of our manufacturing facility, the in-house test lab is the first stop. Having our own testing facility lets us have a quick turn-around of results during product development to ensure that quality remains consistent under our own control is MEIYO Wheelset first step and final goal.